Edutainment Is The Next Level Of Validating Your Brand

Written by Jordan Dickow

March 17, 2021

So you read our last article on how TikTok is used and now you’re wondering, “Okay, now how can I stand out on Tik Tok?”.  Great question. Let me tell you how you won’t stand out on the platform first. You won’t stand out on the platform by doing what everybody else is doing. Everyone else is posting entertaining content already, so why are you focused on keeping up with everyone else?  You already have the consistency down because you’re dedicated to becoming an esports player. Your focus is to dominate your competition, not to make sure you’re keeping up with them.


Learn to be “edutaining”

There are three levels of understanding:


Teaching a subject doesn’t only just prove you know the content but it proves that you are an authority in the space you’re in. I understand that you’re a gamer and you’re not a teacher but you’re also someone who has attention and people enjoy watching you. Why not provide them value by showing them how well you know the game?  Your fans look to you to be entertained, why not elevate that relationship where you become the person they go to, to learn different tips and tricks to become a better gamer? They watch you because you’re the person who plays the game the best,  but if you teach them skills they will keep you in mind as fans grind on their own time.


Promote yourself..more directly.

TikTok, amongst other social media platforms, is executed the best when business owners and influencers focus on making their ad exciting and engaging.  When you see other brands give free information away in other industries they’re not doing it solely to give away free information. They are doing it to build a relationship with their audience, establish themselves as an authority and then have their audience buy into what they’re selling. It’s not being a sleazy salesman, it’s how people make money on their passion.  For gamers, you can add more calls to action for special events and merch drops. Make it a point to have your audience, which you’ve nurtured and developed, to invest their time AND money as an addition to watching your streams for free which is how they support you already if you’re a streamer.

This is more important as an esports player if you’re participating in events and tournaments. You’re not just a streamer!  It’s your job to drive your audience to watch your events and tell them where they can watch you and engage in your content.


Listen, if you’re committed to your craft as a gamer both in esports and streaming, you have to become creative. You, in your head, need to think you’re the best at promoting and getting the word out about your content. Establishing yourself as an authority and not just an entertainer will raise your brand recognition. Also making more direct calls to action to special events, tournaments, giveaways, etc. will allow you to drive traffic AND dollars to your events and pocket. You’re not doing this for the money but it is a byproduct of your hard work and dedication to your craft. If you want to be a professional, be a professional.

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