From Dancing to Building Your Brand, TikTok Grabs Attention

Written by Jordan Dickow

March 10, 2021

This may not mean much to you but I was aware of TikTok before it was cool back in 2018; not that it means anything because I wasn’t posting then but I brought it up because I wasn’t really sure what to look for in “the next big application”.  Supposedly, it’s a combination of Twitter, Instagram, and Vine. TikTok has over 800 million users and has a young but mature audience on the platform ranging from 16-24.  As TikTok is still a fresh platform, it’s just now showing its potential since moving away from the majority of its content being young women dancing. So I’ll share what I have seen so far.

How the platform works. 

If you’re familiar with Vine back in the day, you’ll notice when you open TikTok, that it specializes in short, fun, engaging, content.  This platform is used solely for entertainment or “edutainment” videos depending on what your brand is. After you make a video, add a trending hashtag like #foryou or #fyp, or something that’s more focused on your niche so people can think of you as the “go-to” person for that topic if there’s a lack of content.

There is a ton of organic reach on the platform, even after becoming popular in 2020. To grab attention on the application you have to focus on the first three seconds of your video to draw people in; especially if you’re new.Companies using TikTok generally use it for fun demonstrations of their product. What I have seen from the esports/streaming community on TikTok is networking, supportive videos, that generally end up becoming an “F4F”(follow for follow) Call To Action(CTA). No matter what brand you are, the goal for TikTok is to drive people back to your business through entertaining content.

What’s to come…

Look forward to our next article where we specify how you can use AND stand out with TikTok as a gaming professional; both streaming and as an esports player.  I’ve seen a lot of streamers and gamers put out the same kind of content and I think it’s time that you start asserting yourself as an authority in the space rather than just being entertaining. Your job is to entertain but you also want to dominate the competition. In 2021, the market is so saturated that only the committed will rise to the top.

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