Get to know your favorite influencer in 280 characters using Twitter

Written by Jordan Dickow

March 24, 2021

Twitter has 330 million users as of today.

It’s used for short thoughts or “tweets” that can be as long as 280 characters where your followers can peak into what you’re thinking.

We’ve seen the impact of Twitter when it’s in the hands of high-profile users. Elon Musk most recently tweeted about DogeCoin in February, raising their stock 10% in the process.



The value that comes from posting your quick thoughts on a subject has the potential for massive returns on your business or in Elon’s case, a stock.  When there is an opportunity, however, it can potentially destroy your reputation in whatever industry you’re in.  So choose wisely and make sure what you want to become known for.

If you want to be known for being a contrarian and having an opposite viewpoint than the mas majority, make sure to pick your battles. You personally might not see the harm in taking a particular stance but when you’re in the public eye like everyone is nowadays you have no control over how your audience is going to take your comments.  So keep yourself safe for the most part and establish who you are and what you want to be known for –  while making it clear when there you want to change. 

How To Get Involved In The Conversation

Twitter is great for starting and getting involved in conversations.

When you’re just starting out – you have zero followers – just like everyone else.  Your only choice is to jump into other conversations by looking up different hashtags and add your thoughts on them.  Use the explore tab to search what interests you and go to the most recent or trending conversations. That’s what stimulates activity and drives people to your profile.  On the other hand, you have to be tweeting just enough where when someone checks out your profile, they’re confident it’s a real account and not a bot/ a burner account.

It takes both tweeting and engaging in different conversations to build up your following; on a consistent basis.

The Gaming Scene Continues To Grow

The Gaming scene lives on Twitter. Its content mainly consists of streaming updates and thoughts from streamers on certain topics in gaming. 65% of users on Twitter play games, and 55% play console games regularly. Last year there was a 75% increase in gaming-related content. We will get to strategies in how to grow as a gamer on Twitter in the next article, but the opportunity for growth lives on Twitter, as it is one of the hubs to interact with gamers on social media.

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