Growing Your Gaming Brand In As Few Words As Possible

Written by Jordan Dickow

April 2, 2021

Thanks for reading our overview of the Twitter platform and the impact it can have when in the hands of an established individual.

Moving on from the general overview of Twitter, l, as a gaming professional can use the platform to get your brand known around one side of the internet.

How Gamers Generally Use Twitter

What I’ve normally seen on Twitter within the gaming scene is when it comes to posting, these are the trends that appear the most on my feed.

  • Streaming (Going Live) Updates.
  • Reflections about your stream
  • Funny/Random  posts throughout the day
  • Posts that sponsor a product streamers use

The Good, The Bad, And The Ugly

This was a while ago and the streamer that comes to mind may be controversial but when it comes to interacting on Twitter between gaming brands and streamers, Dr. Disrespect probably does it pretty well.  Despite what you think about him, his interactions with Rogue Company on Twitter in August last year.  Doc created a map called The Arena and kept Rogue Company in the loop when he sketched out his idea all the way to the execution of the real-life 3D. Doc has always been one of the most expressive personalities when it comes to interacting with brands, and it’s a prime example of how much influence a streamer has over a company’s game.

On the company end, brands can have their reputation tainted by fans and streamers sharing tweets of bad reviews of a game.  Valorant most recently has been taking a lot of heat for its numerous bugs that make the game practically incomplete even a year after its release.

Point is,  use your status as a streamer and esports player as a way to engage brands for sponsorships and give feedback to publishers and companies.  Our last article recommended that you follow the conversations that your audience are involved in and grow your awareness by adding your “2 cents” to the conversation.  The key is being consistent. The more often people see the more familiar they’ll become with who are and what you do.

Where I see streamers and gamers fall short most of the time is, they lack patience and only focus on the numbers and vanity metrics that come with being well-known gaming professional.  The  Call To Action “Going Live” tweet is not enough to tell people who you are. Your focus should be on being involved in conversations more so than drawing people to your stream, at first.

Start Making Friends

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