If You Know How To Use LinkedIn, You Can Go From Just a Gamer To An Esports Star

Written by Jordan Dickow

February 24, 2021

If you have been following along with the last two articles,  maybe you’re beginning to see a trend happening as we introduce you to the different platforms you need to focus on to get the attention you want to become a professional esports player. If you didn’t read the last article, go back and read how to use LinkedIn in a general sense. Here, we will help you target the correct people so you can build relationships and make the partnerships you want.

What should Gamers focus on to become Esports players?

In order to find partnerships on LinkedIn,  let’s breakdown the avenues in which partnerships can be made.

  • Sponsorships
  • Streaming on Twitch
  • Youtube


Who do we follow??

Now that we have different revenue streams in place, it’s time to go on LinkedIn to find people who can help you fill those empty streams of income.  Who do we reach out to though?  Before we find out who, we want to figure out what products/brands we want to represent on our platform.   When you think about what brands you want to partner with,  you should think about products that you already use on a daily basis. Be it energy drinks, peripherals, snacks, you understand. You should be happy with who you’re representing just as much as you should be open to helping brands make money with your platform.

In order to get back to who we’re reaching out to, people with the title of sponsorship manager, brand manager, business development representative, are all good places to start. Clearly, sponsorship managers would be the first choice because they have the most influence over who brands partner with.  A common question is whether or not brands partner with smaller streamers or players but your best bet is to ask for what they are looking for.  Remember from our first article to not just send a connection request right away, the better they’re familiar with you beforehand, the better chance you have  at building a relationship with them.  After sending a few comments in supporting their products, you might want to try sending them a general request that looks something like this:

Hey X, 

I’ve really enjoyed seeing your products., I am a new esports player and would love to connect.



Your Name

Keep it short and allow yourself some time to do more research on what they’re doing so in case they accept your request, you are able to carry on a conversation before getting some information on how they handle partnerships.

How about Networking For Teams?

Before we go,  depending on what platform you’re comfortable with Twitter might be just as good for this but don’t discount  LinkedIn. You will be able to connect with coaches, managers, or anyone associated with a professional team.



Remember to network first. Familiarity goes a long way. Especially on LinkedIn.


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