Instagram Is The Highlight Of Your Personal Brand

Written by Jordan Dickow

April 14, 2021

Continuing on with the more matured platforms on social media, Instagram which originally came out in 2010 and later bought out by Facebook in 2012 has one billion current users in 2021. The platform, which started off by highlighting food is now the picture-sharing platform being used to promote your personal brand one picture at a time

Pictures and Videos To Highlight Your story

There are two ways you can share content on Instagram:

  • Stories
  • Posts


Stories are tall and narrow posts that can advertise your content that you have posted or if you want to share what you’re doing throughout your day, you can also post it as a story.  Stories, when you share something about yourself, make you more relatable to new followers to your profile.  As you interact on different hashtags and communities you’re a part of. Stories can be seen as your first impression to potential new followers.

The more balanced your brand is between what you do and who you are the better chance people will want to stay up to date on what you’re doing because they can relate to who you are and therefore they start to build a connection with you.


The posts that make up your account are an accumulation of announcements and bring attention to what you’re doing.  For streamers for example you might put up a highlight of one of your streams.  This content is more in line with what you want to be known for on a consistent basis.  Look at Erin Ashley Simon’s account (@erinasimon). She is the host of many different shows and is getting brand attention from large companies like Puma.  She is very vocal about her values and expresses more than just what you’re being known for.

Also, Ninja, (@ninja), once again, the room might be split on him but he is done a very good job at advertising his gaming on his Instagram as well as his many different partnerships and activity that gaming has opened him up to.  The posts are a more blatant move to show what you want to be known for and also expressing your values that makeup who you are.



If you like telling your story in picture form then Instagram would probably be the platform you would do the best at. Using stories to attract new followers to your page via making more personalized updates about what you’re doing on a particular day and then rounding it off with making a clear message of what you want to be known for and support is how you win on “The Gram”.

Look forward to our next article next week on a targeted gaming strategy for Instagram and how you can grow your page. In the meantime, we would love for you guys to go to our Claim Your Fame site and sign up for your FREE account so you can earn points and rewards while sharing your gaming passion with us while you grow your brand!


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