Reel In Other Gamers With Instagram Reels

Written by Jordan Dickow

June 16, 2021

Did you think that Instagram would let TikTok remain popular without the original image/video platform?


Hell no!

Instagram Reels or TikTok?

In order to break this down a little bit easier, let’s split up the current gaming strategy on Instagram to Reels and Posts.

Reels as stated in the last general Instagram article are the platforms way to compete with the young and popular platform TikTok. Hoping that  TikTok can just be treated as a feature Instagram Reels actually have more average views by almost 100,000. Also, the percentage of viewers per number of followers is way higher on Instagram than it is on TikTok. Whether this is good or bad is up to you but  Reels is 30 seconds shorter than TikTok. That means you have even less time to capture your audience’s attention.  Use it wisely.

Watch People Who Have Succeeded 

The best way to connect this with good gaming advice is to use examples of successful streamers and icons who have built their accounts well. Sweettails, Erin Ashley Simon, Ninja,

Admittedly I mentioned both Erin and Ninja in the last article but to kind of repeat and solidify the point of solid gaming Instagram accounts, we should bring them up again.

To start, however, Sweet Tails to this point has advertised herself as a pure streamer.  The term pure is used because there are no other posts that market merch or announcements with other brands.  If you check out her reels, you’ll see that she shows off her personality and regularly posts selfies when she’s not posting gaming content. her stories are pretty funny as well.

Given his tenure as a well-known streamer, Ninja once again has supported his sponsors throughout his feed. In addition to his sponsored posts, his last reel was with his three dogs.

Erin Ashley Simon as a caster, host, and reporter of esports has gained popularity from different shows and from brands over time. She has multiple announcements on her feed from brand-sponsored podcasts and interviews along with revealing posts of her past.


Wrapping Up

This might have been a repeat of the last article, so apologies if it’s repetitious but having good examples of who has built a good gaming account is  a good place to start.

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See you next week!

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