Streaming Wars aside, Twitch Is Still A Monster.

Twitch, which started as Justin. tv is now a decade old believe it or not.  After a decade a lot has changed. Streaming has grown so much in popularity that we now have a streaming war that is quietly happening between Youtube, Twitch, and Facebook Gaming. Respectfully, the war is really between Youtube and Twitch. While Youtube is looking more like the place for new and smaller streamers to start their own channel, Twitch is still the primary destination for streaming.

So How Big is Twitch Now?

As of right now, Twitch holds 73% of the market share in streaming where Youtube holds 21% and Facebook holds 3%; maybe 6% because Facebook absorbed Mixer back in June of last year.  A few more numbers to share in order to show you how much popularity and traffic the Amazon-owned streaming platform is:

  • There is an average of 3.3 million unique broadcasters per month
  • 46 billion minutes are watched per month.

In 2021 Twitch has become the well-known hub for gamers and icons in many different industries to connect with fans and in some cases potential voters.

How different icons use Twitch

Streaming has become so popular that popular names in all industries have reached out to where the quote-unquote “young people” are to connect with their fans. From famous baseball players like Trevor May and Hunter Pence to U.S. Representative Alexandra-Ocasio Castro.

Trevor May is as well known for being a streamer as he is for being a relief pitcher in baseball. He’s played with Dr. Lupo and ActionJaxson. Hunter Pence who’s a smaller streamer, plays WOW, Magic the Gathering, and DnD, is more well known for being a baseball player.

AOC as you may have guessed would be the bigger name on this small list of people who stream because she is well known for being a “progressive” in the political scene. Without getting too political she’s used Twitch twice to brand herself as someone who can stand for her values as a representative while being relatable to voters by playing games such as Among Us. She once again used Twitch to discuss what happened when the Reddit community helped Gamestop’s stock skyrocket while beating wall street in doing so.

A few examples of how icons in sports and the political arena can use twitch and reach their audience. They use it as an extension of their brand, so they are not just Trevor May or Hunter Pence the baseball player, fans also have something in common with them because they play the same game as their favorite baseball player.

Coming up…..

We’ll discuss later how you can use Twitch to build up anticipation for your streams and promote your events if you’re competing with a team or in tournaments. Shroud again, is a good example of this, where his draw will forever and always will be that he was once a professional esports player for Cloud9.  As an esports star or esports hopeful, you can build up a following and promote your own events all on your own.

While you build your audience, we hope you use Claim your Fame Mobile App to share your streams with us so we can support you while you gather points for rewards!

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