The 2021 Strategy for LinkedIn

Written by Jordan Dickow

February 17, 2021

To break up our last article let’s focus on LinkedIn and break down what the 2021 strategy is for growing your brand as an esports player. Going back to our first article, we mentioned that LinkedIn is a professional platform. It’s used to network with other professionals within the industry in order to do business on a B2B level or B2C level. B2C meaning, business to consumer/customer. In most cases, professional esports players should be looking for sponsorships or ways to differentiate themselves from other players.  They’re not just posting highlights of themselves for teams, but getting themselves known in the community. These three keys will help you get started on LinkedIn.

Posting Inspiring Content

Engaging in other people’s content

Making Connection Requests

Make Inspiring Content


Inspiring posts include announcing accomplishments, self-discoveries, and advice. Anything that involves you and your work or how you respond to the marketplace are all good ideas when it comes to posting on LinkedIn. People want to see progress when it comes to you and your craft, therefore when people interact with each other there is an opportunity for you or someone else to add their ideas to how they can help you improve, or add value to what you’re doing. That’s how partnerships start to form normally. People see value in what you’re doing when you share it and the opportunity for partnerships increases because you’re providing people an opportunity to see what you’re doing.  Posting the process of what you’re trying to achieve also helps and allows you to build up to an inspirational piece of content where you finally achieved your goal.  Start at level one, and document the process until you reach your goal. The audience on LinkedIn will help you along the way.

Engaging in Content


Here is the other part of LinkedIn that is wildly forgotten.  When you enter a new platform, You’re the new kid on the block, for lack of a better term. Your job when you get on LinkedIn is to engage within your market. For example, esports players, should look up hashtags, like #esports, and engage with people in that thread. It will draw attention to your site and people will start interacting on your page. When you engage the market feels more inclined to engage with you if you put in the work yourself.  This isn’t to dilute being social but this is how to drive traffic to your page.


Connection Requests


This post was set up so it can be read like a step-by-step guide on what to do leading up to making a connection request.  When it comes to sending a connection request, you want to have engaged with them on their content before connecting with them. The idea of networking on LinkedIn is to build a relationship with someone and caring about who they are before immediately connecting and asking about what they do. This way they’ll be more inclined to talk to you. Send a personal invite with a message that shows you’re familiar with your content and what they do.




LinkedIn more than other social media platforms has a big emphasis on networking and building relationships before sending out connection requests. Make sure to engage in other people’s content, create your own content, and build rapport with people you want to send a connection request to.


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